sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010


Abaixo estão algumas imagens que podem servir de inspiração para alguns detalhes e o mais importante:  podemos aplicar em nossos looks, só adaptar as cores ao nosso verão!!


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Anônimo disse...

Hello Vivi UnniE!

Just wanted to let you know that I do visit your blog everyday! :)
I just didn't have time to comment because I am taking exams and preparing to come back home!
The other day I used an ankle boot inspired from seeing your look and people complimented on my style, thanks for the tips!

And I blogged about you, your blog, and Doce Vida for my journalism class Blog! Hope to see a lot of Biola/California girls visiting Brazil and checking Doce Vida out!! :D
Thanks for everyting!!

saudades e beijo!

Doce Vida disse...

Hi Elissa, what a honor to have you writting about my blog!! I really feel very honored, that´s the only thing that I can words...thank you for everything that you wrote about us. I loved it!! And I hope you did well in your exams!!
There´s just one week left, you might be very anxious to come back, aren´t you??
Estamos te esperando!!
Bjs. Vivi

Priscila disse...

Amoreee mio!!!

Ameiiii o blog!
Muito sua cara!

Beijaoo <3

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